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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Anti-Mosque Rally Gets a little personal with a Passerby.

Trigger warning: massive stupidity and yelling and stuff.

So, the guy has a skullcap and facial hair and some melanin, so they assume he's a Muslim. I think these people are riled up and waiting for something to go off. From the bits I could catch of the surrounding conversation, I thought I heard commenters in the crowd concerned that this incident would be on CNN, and that this was staged to make them all look like racists--

Oh no. Gee, what about the reaction of those people would give anyone that impression? Huh? And of course, they are only concerned about the location of the interfaith community center, which is why some guy shouted "Muhammed is a pig".

I do not like what this crowd reaction says about people. I hope this video goes viral and some of them take a look at themselves.

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John said...

In fifty years this video will have much of the effect of the classic photograph of the young White woman screaming at the Black teenager trying to go to high school in Little Rock.