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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sharron Angle, Senate candidate for Nevada, is against abortion

in cases of even rape or incest.

Yes. Even rape or incest! Give a listen:

No--not even rape or incest. Maybe those victims just weren't responsible enough--or maybe God has a plan! A plan that involves women or girls, really, being raped, even by family members, and carrying the baby to term and knowing that they were a part of the reproductive process of their rapist--oh against their will! But not God's!

I thought so highly of this candor she had back then that I had to make her a campaign sign:

Too harsh, perhaps? Not as harsh as forced pregnancies on people who've already been victims though, you think? Is that really what God wants? If there was one? And He gave a damn?

Somedays, I really think "Thank God I'm an Atheist."

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