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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Axis of Evil Mad Libs with Liz Cheney

I could get all into why she's silly, but I'll just link to Steve Benen. And point out that I'm a little surprised to find Iran, Syria, and Turkey mentioned in the same breath, although, I did grow up with the phrase "Speak of the devil..." (I see her kind of rhetoric as encouraging the incorrigible.)

Anyway, I was also a little (un)surprised to see her exchange with Arianna Huffington on ABC's This Week blaming the Obama Administration while deflecting the influence of a) her father and b) Halliburton by trying to float the red herring about a) the result of the 2000 election being responsible for the Gore marriage breaking up (ten years later?) b) and the suggestion that Halliburton was being accused of fraud (!) instead of just cutting corners and being a dodgy big-ass company that benefitted very well from the Bush (CHENEY!) Administration's energy policies (and no-bid war-time contracts....)

What planet is Arianna living on? Hah! Um, whose life is Liz Cheney living if she isn't aware of this stuff?

But no--Liz Cheney knows. She was just trying to do her Jedi mind-trick.

Halliburton (Daddy) is not the villian you want.

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