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Friday, May 21, 2010

Rand Paul--what can I say?

So, let me get this straight--Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul, whose bumper stickers occasionally still grace the vehicles of 2008's overenthusiastic right-libertarian hopefuls, thinks that winning a primary is a big old thing, when it took him exactly one day to go on Rachel Maddow's show and get exposed as not-ready-for-prime time?

(Listen up, Rand. Liz Cheney fears Rachel. Sarah Palin fears Rachel. She is all that and a bag of facts. If you get to actually campaign after she's had you--at all, at all? Consider your punk ass lucky.)

Oh snap. The Republicans of Kentucky might have bought something of a pig in a poke. See, he's been associated with racism (not sure how they missed that), and is kind of not so libertarian, being associated with some straight-up theocrats as well--which means he really isn't some kind of new version of conservative. Oh no! He's a race-baiting, God-fearing:


Yep--a corporatist. Not a populist, by any stretch. And you know what? He sounds like a damn affected idiot on this subject. "Bootheel on the throat of BP?" "Blame-game"? Uh--how about, the actual Randian ideal of the enlightened plutocrat not fucking up and shitting where he eats because he damn well recognizes his profits exist on sufferance of the multitudes....snap--that isn't what's going on. The reality is, Obama doesn't have his boot nearly enough on the throat of some ridiculous people who think that destroying an important ecosystem is just all in a days' work. Part of the old loss-sheet. Not a Big Fucking Deal, anyway.

I don't want Rand Paul in any respect near my global catastrophe, any more than I'd want him mucking about in my civil liberties, my reproductive freedom, my goddamn Senate. He is a neophyte and a wannabe. He loves power, and that is some dangerous shit.

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