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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Peter King hates mosques and freedom of religion--why does he hate America?

Seriously--regarding Miranda, which I've wanted to get to blogging about for the longest: if it isn't broke, don't try to fix it. We've had some nasty creatures be Mirandized in this country and it didn't magically confer upon them some rights they a) didn't already have or b) constitute some kind of "Get of jail free" card. I think the "Miranda-baiting" is the biggest joke that the right could come up with, because the reality is that the statement only "informs" one of their rights. Period. And if an individual has been in this country long enough to see an episode of "Law and Order" --they know their Miranda rights! It's like, totally a culturally well-known thing we have. The whole Miranda needs changed meme or whatever is unreal grandstanding.

But also--did you hear this doofus say he knows the First Amendment exists but he doesn't like the message it sends that we have a mosque--A MOSQUE! so close to the hallowed battle site of the Crusade where the Mohammetans won against our Templars!

Oh wait, no. Maybe showing that we allow a mosque there is exactly the thing. Our society has no beef with Islam--some weirdo Islamists for whatever reason decided to pick a fight with us, and we got over it. Now, individuals like myself seriously do have a beef with radical Islam where stuff like murder and limiting human rights come in--but I'm always for human rights and against murder. So there. Ptttthhb.

The Peter King way of thinking is not effective. It serves no purpose to just hate on Muslims. The sources of terrorism, the climate and conditions that make it grow need to be understood. And it festers in a climate of resentment and oppression. Like the one King seems to espouse.

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