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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Obligatory post-election mention--Saxby. Saxby Chambliss.

King of the Wild Georgian Frontier. To hear Right-wingers, we are all Georgians, now, and his re-election was a push-back against radical Obamism. This would tie in very well with the idea that we are a center-right nation. Even if Jim Martin, who is a decent fellow, was nonetheless appparently running from the center and on not being a schmuck. I say it means Georgia's voters kept in mind that Chambliss was a man of many deferments and no commitment to the US armed services when he could have served in Vietnam, and had in fact voted against the welfare of our troops a few times in our current wars, and that he was a little loose with the truth on occasion and kind of a jackass, and decided that he would be an exact balance against all the things an Obama Administration would stand for. Fair, you see. And balanced.

What a peach.

The Democrats will not see 60 seats. The Coleman/Franken weirdness of a recount is possibly going to come down to single digits? I am not even going to pin a hope on Franken.

I'd still like to see Al in though. I've read his books, and he's a thoughtful guy. He might make a really good senator on the basis of brio and the kind of truth it takes to make good comedy. I think he'd be a great successor to the admirable and lamented Paul Wellstone, and "play from his heart" in respect to how he voted in the Senate.

But it's really already decided by the voters, and will be decided by the votes they decide to count.

All in all, that these two races were as close as all this: Georgia and Minnesota, suggests that a shift is taking place. Even though Chambliss won a run-off (in a race he technically should have won election-night) and Coleman, who has his ethics issues, is going to win or lose on the slimmest of leads, suggests a pull--


Not Center-left. Just a desire to see competent people and responsible adult people and people who know what they are talking about, in charge.

In Georgia, they went for incumbency.

In Minnesota, they may have been torn by Franken's "celebrity" versus Coleman's what's a positive way to say "corrupt-ass, living on other peoples' dime, RW shill MF-er?" Oh yeah....incumbency.

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