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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nothing But Sunshine Hanging Over Him

Just so it can't be said I never kick a fellow Democrat when he's down, I'm about to kick a fellow Democrat while he's down, just because the man probably doesn't even know he's down, yet, and because kicking him just seems like the right thing to do.

This guy, Illinois Governor (yes, D) Rod Blagojevic, got arrested for aggravated stupidity in a public sector. Apparently, he tried, among other audacious things, to sell the US Senate seat of President-Elect Barack Obama. And if he could not get his price, he was going to take it himself, because it was looking like being Governor was going to get his sorry behind impeached. The Chicago Trib, not surprisingly, has a bunch of the details.

At this point, I will admit that compared to this fool, Sarah Palin (whose foibles I've followed with some interest) is, as a state governor, a reformer of incorruptible integrity, has a reasonable and even humble ego, and possesses an appropriate sense of the proprieties of her office. This guy is horrible.

But the things of note I take from what comes out about this guy is what a crazy ambitious mindset he had--he'd see what he could get for naming someone to Obama's seat? He'd try to work some leverage on the Obama people--who, "No Drama Obama?" Yeah, Obama was the guy who wasn't cool with Philly Democrats' time-honored traditions regarding "walking-around money" in my city, and always seems to have recognized that his business had to be "Caesar's wife pure" and he was supposed to be playing that corrupt game--even if he possibly did think Valerie Jarrett would have been great in that job? Please! There's rumors on the internets Hot Rod even tried to lean on Rahm Emanuel. And that's one good reason why he's so busted.

If Blagojevic ever woke up with balls so huge he thought he'd lean on the President-Elect's chief of staff, and that chief of staff happened to be Rahm Emanuel, I do not know how he air-lifted himself out of bed. But that he somehow made it to a telephone and thought Obama and his people were "motherfuckers" who'd give him anything but gratitude is a display of testicular elephantiasis that should make the record-books. Talk about the old battle of ant and rubber-tree plant. But that he ever thought he'd turn things around by playing that game, that he'd get himself in that seat when he was already under investigation, that he didn't even barely consider he might've been under the kind of wire-taps even ACLU card-carrying lefties like me see as valid when he may have made self-incriminating statements regarding what he wanted in exchange for the position, and revealed how he was playing the potential candidates, and even had some angle on seeing a run in 2016?

That's some ego. Not to give him or his legal people any ideas, but his best defense might be sheer insanity.

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