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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Still catching up--blessing on Sarah--against witchcraft

A witch hunter. And PS: Nothing freaks Sarah out. Just sayin'. I know this is two weeks old, but I've got several weeks limited internet access freaking out to do, myself. I wiki'd Thomas Muthee

It probably does me little good to explain for myself that between a kind of Christian Agnostism and my downright atheism of today, I was a kind of half-assed sort of Gardner (without references--although I can kind of try to say I'm trad since I have ancestors that "felt" the odd prophecy or so, and had gardens) Raven Silverwolf, and Scott Cunningham kind of kitchen witch--(to his credit, Scott Cunningham's work on herbs is awesome and great for a still slightly New-Age-y atheist to look at, and Raven Silverwolf at least helps people along with how they can adopt a new frame of reference, and well, if you read Gardner, why not read Crowley? If they lead you to read Ronald Hutton and eventually get over your bad self over Margaret Murray--great and groovy.) Um, so I was the big bad once. I've still probably got some High Magick skills I picked up from Israel Regardie and um, like, I totally read Don Tyson. Be afraid of of my Left Hand Doings....

So for all you know, even if I'm talking atheist, I could still be charging a mighty sigil Palin-ward. It's a baddie. All evilified and profane and I don't know what. Boom goes my sigil. Get scared Sarah. A nonbeliever witch just worked all kinds of magic at you. I say "boo." Feel that.

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