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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Not that it's my state--but I'm against CA's prop. 8

Denying the right of any two consenting adults to enter into marriage is not "protecting marriage." It's bigotry. I think this ad, based on a pro-Proposition 8 ad, casts the situation in the right light.

Probably, all of five people will ever read this post, and three of them will be reading it after the vote. But for their benefit:

People who are willing to take the great leap and commit themselves to one another are doing a brave thing. Sharing your life with another person, no matter how much you have in common or how much you love each other, can be difficult at times. You fight. You confide. Your partner knows your secrets and your faults, and can even use them on you when you aren't expecting it. Your lives intertwine until you finish each other's thoughts. And you invest a part of who you are in that person, and as big a risk as it can sometimes be, because people can grow apart, and people can lie, or cheat or whatever, and if you lose that person, it can feel like losing a limb--

Marriage is an expression of love, and is beautiful, and is entirely worth it. It's the basis of a family, even if that family is just two people who adore one another and their immediate siblings and parents--or even if that family grows to include children. People who assume that gay marriage is somehow negative or that it's bad for children to know about, or that gay people can't be great parents, are simply wrong. Sexuality doesn't affect how a person models good behavior to a young person. It's irrelevant, because it's private. Who ever thought about their hetero parents as....sexual? And why should so many people be concerned about the private lives of people they don't even know, to the extent they would feel their own marriages are in need of "protection?"

A ban on gay marriage creates an underclass of sorts, by saying that some people can't enjoy the same right other people do. Plain and simple. It's unfair, and I'm against it.

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