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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hitchens in a dumb forum, on fruit flies and atheism

The reason this is a dumb forum is the shouting and the four guys--but Hitchens makes the point or at least mentions it--Sarah Palin is possibly a creationist. She might think Adam and Eve were concurrent with Tyrannoaurus Rex. If Palin is truly a creationist, her science knowledge is limited to what her beliefs allow--if she isn't, then she might kind of be ready to maybe allow the possibility of, well, what our modern science is about.

It's just hard to suppose she gets it.

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Aspentroll said...

I saw Sarah Palin being protected against witches in a video with the Reverend Muthee, an African priest of some sort. I also saw her happily stating that she had been saved in another video from Wasilla AK.
I ask you this, Do you want someone who believes in witches to have her hand on a button that could cause WW3 should McCain snuff it a year into his Presidency?

I sure as hell don't. She is obviously a fundamentalist xtian incapable of making decisions about how women are treated, how Americans live their lives, about dinosaurs co-existing with early man and a whole host of other things that delusional, irrational, religious zealots believe.

She could be the worst mistake that could happen in America should McCain win, Nov. 4th.