Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Friday, October 17, 2008

Apologia Pro Blogae Sua

I well and truly recognize that I have blogged about politics a lot lately. I do not know that this was the intention of my blog. Perhaps one day I will get right back to SF novel reviews, comic books, organic cosmetics, and the more traditionally atheist-blog stuff, like "OMG, some fundy did this--"

But for the time being, recognize my plight--I am like a sports-fan whose World Cup only comes around every four years. I watched the Presidential Debate Thursday instead of watching my hometeam Phils win the pennant because the politics is more my favorite sport.

Again, because I don't think I have regular peeps, I don't know that this is a problem. But if anyone stumbled in from a post with a movie or book review, and then wondered why I was "bitching about McCain HQ"--that's how it is with me. I get a little obsessive about politics as an election nears. I pre-game, I Madden the Obama/McCain split-screen, and I post-game. I look at Senate races like box scores. And I still have not yet figured out what my blog's real "voice" needs to be. You know: the tv & books, the politics, or my philosophical response to most of the planet's continued supernaturalism in general, with a cultural emphasis on Christianism in particular.

But anyway, I thought I'd try to explain where I'm going with this here forum--since I don't always know where I'm going with it. And because it gave me a cool blog-post title.

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