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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another hit: Palin and the Puppies

But it isn't just grown-up wolves and other predators she's after (to leave moose and caribou more open for human hunters--sweet. Very ecological.) Seriously. It's about killing pups in their dens. Although that might not even move you--so here I go:

I know that since I'm a big-city liberal, all my blather about protecting species is kind of just bleeding-heart time. But I think preserving wolves and bears and foxes and all the not-necessarily for-food critters out there also serves an ecological purpose--since they evolved right alongside our more tasty-meat-producing huntables. I respect that they weed out the weak of the herds. They're just another species trying to get by. I don't see hating on them. I also don't respect accepting forelegs of wolves as bounty--that means you accepted a high-caliber or messy body shot where only legs were left--how sporting is that shit? Used to be they only paid out on pelts.

Sure, they're wild, but subjecting them to a drive-by or fly-by and a bounty is treating natural predators operating in their own world, to the broke-ass morals of our world. Why not show respect?

I just find it cruel, that's all. You can call me a bunny-hugger, but there I go.

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