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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jolie as Catwoman--two weeks behind on a buzz?

I know I try to be a good little hooked-in genre-geek, but I get distracted. But I found out about a rumor from like the end of July about Angelina Jolie as Catwoman?

Now, maybe I tuned this rumor out not having seen The Dark Knight yet. Now that I'm up to speed having seen Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, I find myself thinking--"Wow, where do they go for a trilogy?"

Introducing Catwoman sounds right, given where The Dark Knight leaves Batman:


Should I bother?

Anyone who did not see the movie yet?

Um, running because he's taking the blame for what Dent/Two-Face did, to leave Dent's reputation spotless since he was a public hero, and because Batman is Batman--a legend, not a real person. And Batman can take it.

He might require the sympathies of a not-entirely bad but flawed woman. And Angelina Jolie? Weellll...I think she'd look great in a catsuit. Her Lara Croft kicked butt.

I wonder a little about this rumor, though.

Um, how do you go from Rachel to Catwoman?

No. I want Selina Kyle, a little crazy, a lot clever. And a possible match for Batman. Canon, people. Just asking for canon. And I like Angelina Jolie. So there.

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