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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mayor of Welsh town seeks to end Monty Python Ban

Okay, when I saw this story, I wondered exactly what life would be like operating under a Life of Brian ban. Negotiating for a VCR tape with a shadowy individual you know from a friend of a friend, having it slipped to you in a brown paper bag in a alley. Freedom, brothers. Pulling down the shades in near narcoleptic fear, minus munchies, that someone will burst in whilst you're engaging in your Python compleatism...

Although I gather the ban pertained to the cinema which would've affected the movie's box office gross at the time, and is a little irrelevant now that's its a, er, dare I say, classic, and might've been outmoded for practical usage by current media anyway.

With that, a song I might not entirely mind played at my funeral. Except my minding it being my funeral... you know, timor mortis conturbat me and all that.

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