Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Atheists in Foxholes--and elsewhere.

I came across this video lately--

and it does seem to me the religion in common, above any other creed, for our servicemembers--would be patriotism. And our first patriots, the people whose ideas made this nation what it is, were by no means religious zealots--they looked for a political solution. They were reasonable men, not zealots.

Perhaps the pilgrims were. But the Deists and Unitarian-types who wrote and agitated and formed committees and wrote the Declaration and then, when war was over, the Constitution--they were, a lot of them, free thinkers--but their service was no less, and what they believed in was the freedom of all people to do as their conscience allowed. The Bill of rights acknowledges freedom of religion with the understanding that disagreements in religion weaken a republic--but by showing preference to none, a government would succeed in attracting the best and brightest, whatsoever their creed, and in this way, better compose that nation, conceived in Liberty...

With Justice for all, even for atheists.

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