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Thursday, June 26, 2008

What do you know? I'm as wrong as Scalia.

Last month, I posted on the detainee/torture issue, regarding my impression that the nature of the detention process was not inclined to make the US more safe. On the contrary, I thought that amongst those we could not hold, the situation would have radicalized them, and I linked to this CNN report from last year. It turns out this story was part of Supreme Court Justice Scalia's decision, and it wasn't entirely correct.

Now, of course, Scalia drew different conclusions about what violence perpetrated by people released from Guantanamo would mean. He views the people there as being all potentially dangerous, and for this reason, having them able to question their detention in a court of law will be a disaster. My conclusion is that the system is already a disaster because people haven't received due process. That's why detainees who can't be tried because they don't have anything they can be charged with, and then get released, are a particular Bush-Administration-style problem. You know, the kind where things are made worse because the Administration dispensed with doing things right.

I still have a feeling that the government's actions have made things worse, but I used an old report from a Google-search without really doing more checking, and that's a bad habit I shouldn't get into. I'm a blogger, and I don't suppose my post was really widely read or anything, but I thought I should just set that straight.

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