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Saturday, June 21, 2008

He Said It; okay I'll blog it--

Now, this video does have a word I actually don't use in conversation very much, even though I'll have you know I am a committed swear-user and have even been known to do so creatively and at length. However, the particular word here is generally known to be rather offensive to women, but integrity, I say integrity, insists I embed the uncensored version for the real "feel" of the piece.

It's pure potty-mouth fun, is what it is, but you know, I'm cool with that. I like the nature of the viral video thing, after all. I just know this is being e-mailed about. Probably even to television newscasters. Who may even see it a few times.

Okay, no secret here--I'm rooting for somebody to accidentally say "McCunt" on tv. The ensuing FCC shitstorm and the need for 24-hr "analysis" in cable news and the various circumlocutions that would be needed to discuss said story would have high entertainment value for a perverse little creature like myself.

There. I said it.

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