Sunday, March 30, 2014

You know what Ted Cruz Did for the ACA This Weekend?

He gave it a beautiful forum on his Facebook, because that is the kind of guy he genuinely is.

One of the bad-news stories about the ACA was the lack of people being able to get across how it has been benefitting them. We've heard a lot from people who claim it hasn't benefitted them, even if it wasn't true. And we've even heard from fake people who claim to not like the ACA because they are paid actors to not like it.  Good news stories about the ACA tend to get buried. 

But Ted Cruz let the people talk. Because he believes in people and their ability to decide what size government should be and what it can do for them. You are a living saint of a man, Ted Cruz and don't you let no one tell you otherwise.

Unless you delete all those good news stories from your Facebook, in which case you are a rat, a giant rat, a rat with fleas and the bubonic plague.

See? I sometimes say good things about Republicans, I do!

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Anonymous said...

That thread is blowing up. I hope someone gets some screenshots or some other electronic is sweet!

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